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They all rush in and crowd the front of the stage, pushing themselves against the barricade trying to get as close as possible. Most of them are here to see TOMMY LEE or SWITCHED and trying to get a good spot early. Some of them are there for the same reason I am, to see the KIDNEY THIEVES.

Being a fan since 1998 this was a big deal to me when I was asked to review the show. Camera in hand and heart pounding I anxiously await the show.

The lights go down, and the sweet sound of FREE's voice (lead singer) echoes through the PA. It's a track from the latest cd ZEROSPACE (read the review in the reviews section) TAKE A TRAIN (the awakening). As the track plays the band slowly takes the stage.
Chris the small and wiry Punk Rock meets Industrial Guitarist with his black hair and Red Mohawk is at far right.
FIGIT (possibly spelled FIJIT Nor sure) is to the left of CHRIS with his bald head, eyebrows tattooed with small dots. and facial piercings!
SHAUN the drummer with four braid very noticeable in the ZEROSPACE video!
And The GIANT of a man BRUCE SOMERS, very Tall, With Short Blonde Hair and a Long Blonde Goatee!
Then Finally FREE Very Petit' with Long Dark Hair and Glittery Eye Make Up! Small And Sexy She strolls Onto The Stage Owning every Inch Of It!

The Recorded track ends and the band kicks in with the first song! BLACK BULLET The guitars are loud and the adrenaline is instant!
The music is tight and well rehearsed. The Crowd seems to be very into it. One gothic girl seems to know every word to every song!

Snapping photos as the show goes I try to watch each member of the band closely.
Chris seems to be the most active of the band, thrashing around throwing himself into his guitar pulling the strings jerking the notes from it as if he were begging it for another hit another fix another shot of electricity. His sweat ran down his small yet fit body! You could tell he was enjoying what he was doing, totally lost in the music.
Bruce stomped his way around his area of the stage like a basket ball coach of a college team, totally into what he was doing but watching the other band mates as if making sure they were playing correctly and performing the music he had so painstakingly written note for note.

Shaun is one of the most FUN drummers to watch. Slamming each stick down from side to side like he's pounding out a death march! His braids swinging from side to side. Even though he isn't marching it looks like he is!

FIGIT always has a smile on his face like a big kid on stage, not sure how he got the name Figit, Chris acts much more nervous and figity than he does!

then back to FREE! Imagine a very graceful LAURA FLYNN BOYLE (probably spelled wrong but that really skinny hot chic) gliding across the stage taunting the crowd forcing herself to be heard, forcing you to take her seriously and singing with a very, very powerful voice. Not unlike a female MAYNARD!

I try hard to remember the set list but I was so into the show and enjoying myself that it is hard!
BLACK BULLET, GLITTER GIRL, BEFORE I'M DEAD, ZEROSPACE, CRAZY, and a few others! The set was 30 minutes long but those 30 minutes were draining! I moved I jumped I screamed I sang along! I probably looked like a total idiot standing with the security guards behind the barricade acting like that!

One of the best moments in the show for me was when they performed CRAZY (the patsy cline song written by Willie Nelson) That song is SO SEXY and so SEDUCTIVE and to see FREE in person singing it! and the band grinding it out behind her that was better than any strip club you could ever go to (standing ovation in more ways than one!). And the moment when FREE pushes BRUCE's wife's face into her chest as she tries to take a picture was great!

I feel very privileged to have been there. It was an amazing show! NOT many times do you find the first band being the best part of an entire show but this is one time this is so!

I feel even more privileged to have been able to hang with the band and interview them on their RV! These guys are truly genuine, kick ass people! Everyone of them are great! I like to think I just made 5 new friends.

*review by The Dead Puppy*


FREE, ME and ASHBRUCE wasn't available for the interview so FREE made a BRUCE puppet!Me, Ash & BRUCEME and the KIDNEYTHIEVESASH and THE KIDNEYTHIEVES