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Here You Will Find Pics Of The Various Escapades The Dead Puppy Crew Have Found Themselves A Part Of!!

Just Run Your Mouse Over The Small Pic To Gain The Pics Details Then Click On It To See The Full Size Pic!!

*all pics taken by someone from Dead Puppy Records or someone asked to take the pic by someone from Dead Puppy Records..most pics by Terry Rice and of course are the property of Dead Puppy Record! I know there is no way we can keep people from stealing these but hey at least give us permission if you do use them!

Old Band Photo of BLACK STONE CHERRY taken by Terry RiceChad Lockhart of GEAR Kicking Some Major AssMe Kissing Danni Leigh (Kick Ass Female Country Singer)Me & Danni LeighMe & Rob (from Sixth Floor) Hanging With the Guys Of DEADTIGHT 5 on Their Tour BusMe Having Way Too Much Fun On My 24th Birthday (I Do Not Condone This If You Are Underage! )Dave Angstrom (Supafuzz) Me & Chad Lockhart (Gear)Me Meating My Long Time Roll Model And Idol WILLIE NELSONMe, Z & Supafuzz along with some others  back stage on My 24th BirthdayGEORGE FUCKING JONESJarrod Duke of SIXTH FLOOR and Girlfriend MaryJason Groves of SUPAFUZZ in the process of Getting NakedJasong Groves (AWESOME PHOTO)Snoop Dog!! I Mean JOHN KING of SIXTH FLOORJohn King of SIXTH FLOOR Rockin' OutJason Groves NakedJason Naked AgainJohn King of SIXTH FLOOR with MeJESSE ROCKWELL of LIGHTS OUTMe & LIGHTS OUTMUSTANG SALLYGUNTHER VOID performing with SIXTH FLOORGUNTHER VOID & SIXTH FLOORHANK IIIMe & HANK IIIMe & SIXTH FLOORSUPAFUZZ road MANAGER STEPHENMe & CHAD of EXCLAVE formerly of...JHELOM!!!Me & DRY LAND FISHMe & JON THE HELLRAISER FOX of SLANDERMe, CANDY and ERINMe and DAVE of MALENGINEMe & DEADTIGHT 5Me & WHITEY formerly of VULVA LUX and EVERY MOTHERS WORST NIGHTMAREMe & KEITH HURTMe with WADE and JACOB of GEAR and STUTTERBOXGUNTHER VOID & JON THE HELLRAISER FOX performing KENTUCKY LOVE SONG with THE MORGANTOWN MAFIAGUNTHER VOID & SLANDER performing SUPERGRASSMe & My Tattoo Artist NOAH FURLONG! TRUST NO ONE ELSE! THIS GUY IS GOD!Me and My Cat STONER Who Will Be Greatly Missed! May He Rest In Peace!!!Me, BEN (lead singer of SWITCHED) and Derreck (aka D)Me, TOMMY LEE (formerly of MOTLEY CRUE, METHODS OF MAYHEM and that PORN ha ha)A Bad Quality Picture Of Tommy Lee Performing!!!ME and The KIDNEYTHIEVES (minus Bruce)KEVIN Hanging in the NEVER LESS Practice Room!!!JON FOX of SLANDER, myself and JOHN KING of SIXTH FLOORMe Piercing DERRECK! is his fourth piercing done by myself!ANDI DERRECK with his famous Purple Boa!MARCUS from STUTTERBOX Myself and JON of SIN IN STEREO!BRANDY, GREG, HOUDINI and LAURYN Probably Really Drunk!!!Me and AmandaJust So Ya Know She's Holding My Beer!! She Doesn't Drink.... HA HA HAHAHAHAHHAHAH Sorry I Didn't Mean To Laugh At That Remark!!!Show Me Love Baby!! Show Me Love!!!!Us Once Again!!!Me and My MISS CONGENIALITY Me and BRANDY she's like a model or something from New York!This Is How I Spent Most Of NEW YEARS EVE 2002/2003 Not Unlike New Years Eve 2001/2002ME and Someone who can match My PSYCHOSIS Me and the best MAGICIAN I know HOUDINI he's also a kick ass Party Thrower!!!Me and KEVIN DA MAN!!!!Me and LAURYN! she's cool as hell and has almost the same tattoo as I have on her ass.. well close to her ass!!!THE NEVER ENDING BEER!!!!Me with PETE and SAM of CHEVELLE backstage after the show!!ME and SAM of CHEVELLE before the show on PULSE ULTRAS bus!!!!ME and DOMINIC of PULSE ULTRA on their bus!ME and ZOE of PULSE ULTRA on their bus before the show!PETE of CHEVELLE rockin' out!!!JOE of CHEVELLE rockin' Ass!!!HEATHER hangin' out at the Video Store!ME and HEATHER hangin' out in the Video StoreME and JESSICA hangin' at the TATTOO shop!! FURLONG'S BEST AROUND!!!ME and AIRIKA at the TUB RING/MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE show!ME and SOME REALLY COOL CHIC that I met at the TUB RING/MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE show!! if you are her please e mail me and give me your name!! sorry I forgot!ME and ROB KLEINER of TUB RINGME and TUB RING!!!ME and JUSTIN in the SARDINE CAN TIGHT CROWD at the TUB RING/MSI show!!! It was hard to move!!!CROWD at the TUB RING/MSI show!! too bad you can't see TUB RING on the stage rockin' out!! well you can kinda see their guitarist!!STEVE RIGH? and JIMMY URINE kickin' major ass during the first song TORNADO (MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE)JIMMY URINE Licking The Mic!! (MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE)Another Shot Of JIMMY URINE (MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE)JIMMY URINE, KITTY and LYN Z Tearin' Shit Up! (MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE)STEVE RIGH? Playin' The Badd Ass So Well!  (MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE)LYN Z Stealin' My Heart! GOD I LOVE HER!!!!  and yeah I caught that Kiss Ya Blew Me From The Stage Babe!!!! (MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE)STEVE RIGH?, ME and LYN Z backstage (MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE)JIMMY URINE and ME in the midst of madness (MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE)KITTY and I backstage!!(MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE)KEVIN of TUB RING and JIMMY URINE of MSI playing video games!!! don't they know video games are EVIL!!!!!Mike Pascal (lead singer of THE GHOSTBUSTERS) I love this band!!!GHOSTBUSTER GUITARIST BUSTING GHOTS... I guess!!!GHOSTBUSTER BASSIST STANDING STILLMe with the GHOSTBUSTERS!!! yay!!!me again with the GHOSTBUSTERSLOGAN (from GOLDFISH THEORY) and myself!ME, DANIELLE, BETHANY and AMBERMIRANDA and ME at the GHOSTBUSTERS show!ERIN, ASHLEY and SUMMER looking fucking hot as usual!!Me with those FUCKING HOT girls!!!JEFF (of LENNON), MIKEY (of GOLDFISH THEORY) and ME Chillin'!BG CHOPPER CITY IN THE GHETTOLil' David! he's a cool muthafucka!MERLE HAGGARD and HOLLY (He was a pervert.. he was awesome!!)MERLE signing stuff for me in a photo which was also signed obvioslyME and KENNY VAUGHAN formerly of TRENT SUMMAR & THE NEW ROW MOB and LUCINDA WILLIAM's band!! But now he's performing with MARTY STUART!ME and MERLE HAGGARD!!!MERLE and MARTY STUART performing WORKIN' MANS BLUES!!MERLE rockin' the FIDDLEMERLE being MERLE!!KENNY VAUGHAN GUITAR GODMERLE singin' with MARTY STUART and his band!!KENNY VAUGHAN tearin' it up!MARTY STUART and all I can say.. I know lots of people like it but good god do something with that hair!!!Me and THE TATER CAVEMAN of LADEN at Spookfest 2003 NEEDLES of LADEN bloody as hell at SPOOKFEST 2003 MOSES of LADEN pounding it out at SPOOKFEST 2003 NEEDLES & THE TATER CAVEMAN of LADEN MUCK of LADEN tearin it up!! MUCKEd up again! ME and MICHAEL COLLINS of KLOKWORK at SPOOKFEST 2003 bloody NEEDLES MUCK & TATER ME and NEEDLES of LADEN another BLOODY needles!! HO HO HO