1. Giddyup
2. Free Los Angeles
3. Sold Free
4. Soft Feminine Boys
5. Kiss Kiss
6. SLow Down
7. Get Your Body
8. Cut You Up
9. Stereo Girl
10. Call Wait
11. Leaving Day Ditty

Getting this out of the way right off... CRAIG WEDREN from SHUDDER TO THINK and of course his own SOLO work is the front man and brains behind the Disco/Alt/Punk/Techno Outfit known as BABY, but DO NOT expect anything you've heard before this is entirely different. Imagine taking Craig Wedren and some of his best musical friends, various genre's of music loaded them into a sawed off double barrel shot gun and blasted them into a packed rave and you MIGHT have an idea of what to expect!

With that said now onto the review!

GIDDYUP is the first track and totally takes you off guard.. a rockin' guitar riff and groove spread tightly over a disco/techno beat with rockin' vox by what seems to be all members of the group.. this song makes you wanna get up and Dance like a rockstar.. and when you think it's over it comes back for more...

The next track is FREE LOS ANGELES carried by Craig's simply divine vox and lyrics this one has a bit of a radio friendly seventies or early 80s groove.. could easily be the theme for some summer blockbuster road trip film. Kinda reminds me of something PRINCE would do if he were backed by THE CARS!

SOLD FREE takes us away from the danceable grooves we have gotten used to and dwells more on Craigs ability to carry a song with his unique vocal stylings... almost hip hop at times.. electronic to the core... the female vox back Craig perfectly.

The next song SOFT FEMININE BOYS sounds almost like a theme song for the likes of CRAIG... The groove reminds me of the theme for FRIDAY THE 13th part 3 (which means I like it) and the dueling male and female vox are perfect.

KISS KISS should so be a JAMES BOND theme though I'm not sure if any of them were sang by men? who cares CRAIG CAN DO WHAT THE FUCK HE WANTS!
this song confuses you.. when you think you're goin' this way he takes you this way!

SLOW DOWN has a throbbing bassline that kicks in like a long line of coke.. wait did I say that outloud?
Great guitar work in of the strongest tracks on the CD!

GET YOUR BODY great strip tease song.. just groove to it.

CUT YOU UP I love this track though I'm not sure what's going on.. reminds me of a mellow version of MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE...awesome for sure!

STEREO GIRL kinda reminds me of a really kick ass video game track but with awesome vocals!

CALL WAIT gives Craig a break on vox and let's one of the female vocalist take over (I'm sorry if I dont' know which one is singing I apologize) this track sounds a lot like MONO or possibly JEM it's amazing.. Craig's lyrics really go well with a female voice..

AND the closing track LEAVING DAY DITTY is more what you'd expect from Craig.. soft acoustics over a great soundscape.. and of course who better to sing a track like that.. that the man, the genius the vocal GOD Craig himself of course..

I love this CD but I highly recommend you buy this and his Solo CD LAPLAND they're both totally different but if you like one you'll love both!

*review by the dead puppy*