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BLITZKID...Let Flowers Die

1. Nosferatu
2. Candyman
3. Hellraiser
4. Pumpkin Patch Murders
5. These Walls
6. Dying Day
7. Reanimated
8. The Fog
9. Among The Dead
10. Motel Hell
11. Myers 10/31
12. Motorized Homicide

Out of the two cd's sent to me by BLITZKID this is definately my favorite.. maybe it's because it isn't as POLISHED as the newer one.. this is RAW HORROR PUNK ROCK AT IT'S BEST!!!

kicking off the CD with NOSFERATU a hard core kick ass ballad to the original DRACULA with painful vocals by bassist GHOULSBY you can tell this band is out for blood!

Up next we have CANDYMAN
in case you haven't noticed these guys like horror movies.. but hell who doesn't, this brings in lead vocalist T.B. MONSTROSITY, honestly not since MICHAEL GRAVES have I heard such great Horror style vocals, This song gives you a taste of the guitar genius you are in for on this record!!

Time to give PINHEAD & the boys a little props with the third track HELLRAISER, continuing the muffled crunching guitar and TB's smooth vocals this track almost has a 50s pop type feel..

PUMPKIN PATCH MURDERS kicks off with the best version of the DEATH MARCH I have ever heard.. not to mention I have a thing for JACK-O-LANTERNS and Halloween I absolutely love this track...

THESE WALLS brings back GHOULSBY on vocals..though honestly they sound so good together sometimes I can't tell who is singing but it's fucking awesome regardless..

DYING DAY comes next.. now this track reminds me more of the TRENDY SUGAR COATED BLINK 182/SUM41/SIMPLE PLAN tracks you'd hear on the radio.. BUT that's ok I'll forgive them this song is catchy as hell..

hell yeah as for track 7 we have one of my favorites on this record.. REANIMATED kicking off with one of the most sinister evil guitar riffs on the record.. don't listen to this while driving to work.. you'll end up in a horrible car accident.. GHOULSBY's vox on this are superb.. Shit how to explian this.. this song makes me smile and I don't usually smile!!!

and how better to follow up Reanimated than with my other favorite track on the CD THE FOG!! This song is so fucking cool... Man TB is truely something special on guitar.. this one also makes me smile...

AMONG THE DEAD makes me imagine FRANK SINATRA in a Horror Punk band :)

MOTEL HELL!!! what can I say? Meat's Meat and Man's Gotta Eat!!

And what HORROR punk album would be complete without an ode to MICHAEL in the slow groovin' MYERS 10/31

and why slow down,, time to seal the coffin with MOTORIZED HOMICIDE another kick ass drive fast track..

What can I say about BLITZKID, It's nice to see that since the MISFITS went to SHIT someone out there can still carry the torch!!

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*review by the dead puppy*