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1. Let's Go To The Cemetary
2. Deadhouse
3. They Come
4. Lupen Tooth
5. A Hopeless Night
6. She Dominates
7. Dead Again/Cold Skin
8. Long Dark Hallway
9. Making A Monster
10. She Wolf
11. As The Rope Bridge Swings
12. Love Like Blood

I can say right off this record is way more PRODUCEd and POLISHED than LET FLOWERS DIE which isn't neccessarily a bad thing but I happen to like the more rough edge hard core vibe the other album had.. BUT please don't let that sway your opinion of this record.. this is one kick ass HORROR PUNK record..

Not sure if they were going for more of a HORROR POP PUNK vibe with this one or just being more radio friendly but this record draws more from my fave band of all time ALKALINE TRIO than the past drew from MISFITS!

Starting off with LET'S GO THE CEMETARY Ghoulsby seems to be inviting you into a dark dream land of danceable punk rock.. :) so why not... let's go...!!!

Reminding me of the old gothic horror movie.. titled... GOTHIC deadhouse asks is there no escape.. and with a monster like T.B. Holding onto you with each perfect note sang and that swingin' guitar... how could you escape or why would you want to?
Lenny Kravits gone psycho.. I love it..

THEY COME brings back a bit more of the old Misfits style of crunchin' awkward guitar that makes perfect sense and isn't awkard at all but proves that people seem a bit off kilter when they hear something different that doesn't sound quite right but is perfectly wrong.. I love it.. and yeah I'm gonna say that a lot so kiss my ass.. !

LUPEN TOOTH has one of the best breaks ever.. THEY CAN CHANGE THEY THEY CAN CHANGE THEIR SHAPE!! TB truely has control over his lyrics/vocals/noise!! And not to mention I love werewolves so that helps!!

Time for another SWINGIN' 50s feeling song.. I love these.. A HOPELESS NIGHT!!!This makes me want to find a nice young lady drive off down a dark secluded road in TEXARKANA and wait for the Phantom Killer to show up!!! Nothing like the touch of a warm woman and that icey fear creeping up the back of your neck when you hear something that just shouldn't be there!

SHE DOMINATES all I'm gonna say is I think I've dated this chic!!

DEAD AGAIN/COLD SKIN pulls out a bit of a different feel.. reminds me of THE MOSELEY BROTHERS BAND with that boogie woogie piano over the bass and drums.. THEN of course TB pulls out your molars again with his ever ass kickin' guitar..The second half of this one reminds me of one of those intro songs you'd hear at a concert.. you know the ones that has all the lights out and then you hear that first pounding drum and then the build up of guitar and feedback tilt he lights come on revealing your rock gods.. And I love the line I WANT TO STAY HERE FOREVER!!

LONG DARK HALLWAY kicks in a little off guard but hell these guys can do whatever the fuck they want...

MAKING A MONSTER is another show case of TB's guitar work.. very unique.. though the vox are a little low for my taste in the mix..

SHE WOLF hell I think we've all known a few of these haven't we..

AS THE ROPE BRIDGE SWINGS this is one of my fave tracks on this CD.. reminds me of TITO & TARANTULA with that weird slow mariachi groove and then of cousre the odd use of instrumentation makes it really cool.. The vocals are unnerving.. I like that....this reminds me of something I'd write.. or would wish to write haha..

And finally the icing on the cake LOVE LIKE BLOOD owing way more to AFI than any other HORROR PUNK band I've ever heard this song is absolutely beautiful.. I totally relate to what he's saying.. How much more beautiful can you get.. and what a use of words..

Overall this album kicks ass.. my personal opinion you should start with LET FLOWERS DIE unless of course you want something a bit easier to swallow then go with this one..

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*review by the dead puppy*