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1. Zombie I
2. Resurrection
3. Death Of Me
4. One Of Us
5. Midnight Spookshow
6. Backseat Of My Hearse
7. Eyes Down
8. Shrunken Head Kids
9. Evening
10. Blood In My Eyes
11. Every Day's A Funeral
12. Crizilla
13. Phantasmagoria

This CD kicks off perfectly with a creepy old sample sounding intro..

ANDY band that uses samples from old horror movies have me at

but the intro isn't the coolest part of this..

these guys are for real three brothers.. when you get three brothers who actually get along and don't spend their time beating the shit out of each other and do something constructive such as turn their love of horror movies and punk rock into something as cool as this.. you gotta love it.

first song ZOMBIE I, the guitar is really smooth and you get a taste of the kick ass vocals you are in store for on the rest of the album..

let go with that awesome CROON!

second song... RESURRECTION one of my fives starts off with a great bass line and how can you go wrong using BACK IN BLACK as the first words to any song.. and yes yes yes yes I can hardly stand it.. they're using clips from GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN... the creature has a mind of a murderer.. IT MUST BE DESTROYED.. I love this band!!

I love the almost keyboard sound of the vox.. actually there might be some keyboards in there not sure but it sounds amazing...

third song.. DEATH OF ME has a pretty smooth VINCENT PRICE style intro.. love this stuff. Not sure but reminds me of old WHITE ZOMBIE but without all the YEAH's and the endless assault of words that don't make sense....

ONE OF US fast and heavy.. a kick to the teeth, reminds me of ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN at times..

MIDNIGHT SPOOKSHOW gotta love that scream at the beginning.. kinda makes me think of DR PHIBES heading off a punk band, a lot of us have heard this one before..

number SIX titled BACKSEAT OF MY HEARSE.. does a hearse even have a backseat.. who cares.. clever ass idea!

EYES DOWN man I love all this retro horror stuff.. the vox in this are some of the best on the whole album.. you guys may hate me for this but reminds me of ALKALINE TRIO my fave band of all time..

SHRUNKEN HEAD KIDS has a good swing to it.. groovy as hell.

EVENING brings back the ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN balls to the wall feel again..

finally hell yes.. my favorite track on this whole damn cd.. BLOOD IN MY EYES.. I love this song it's probably the best CARRIE inspired song I've ever heard.. I'm speechless.. how do you describe something as awesome as this.... you don't you just love it.

again with a killer bassline we have EVERY DAY'S A FUNERAL not to mention we get more and more awesome old clips...

CRIZILLA I think is the only song that the lyrics weren't written by CALABRESE. I wonder if that's why it's one of my least fave tracks.. who cares it still rocks.

and the final track..

PHANTASMAGORIA, amazing guitars amazing vox, amazing lyrics.. this band never ceases to amaze me..

OK now that I've staggered through each track what's my final thoughts..

HORROR ROCK is littered with MISFITS wannabes.. It's nice to see someone who doesn't fit into that category.. these guys are definitely original in what they do. and they LOVE what they do. that makes it even better..


oh yeah don't forget to listen for the secret track!

*review by the dead puppy*