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2. Waking The Dead
3. A Graveyard For Bitches
4. Nomad
5. Politics Of Domination
6. Blood Burden
7. Rats In A Maze
8. Secrets Of The Prison House
9. Corpus Apocalypse
10. Study In Cancer
11. Exit Catacombs
12. The Fate

As a long time CRISIS fan let me start off by saying, It's good to see one of the most unique and original bands back in action.
I had gotten my hopes up when I heard Karyn Crisis had renamed the band SKULLSICK NATION and was preparing an album. When that seemed to disappear I thought Crisis was finally finished. You weren't that fortunate!

The first track is a spoken piece titled OMEN
karyn proves once again that she has a talent for recitations rivaled only by LUKE THE DRIFTER himself.

WAKING THE DEAD does just what Crisis is supposed to do.. holds you down and not only kicks you in the teeth but repeatedly stomps your face till you're left twitching violently. This song should have been in the remake of DAWN OF THE DEAD

One of my favorite tracks already A GRAVEYARD FOR BITCHES keeps the fast paced action moving.. Karyn's harsh vocals blend so well with the occasional siren like (and I mean both the mythical creature and a mechanical use of the term) howls... god damn how is it Karyn knows exactly how we all feel when we're really really pissed off.. Fuck all this trendy angst driven bullshit.. this is pure!

Crisis has always been a mix of nationalities.. and finally we hear a bit more of this with NOMAD, pulling out the sitar, and an even more rich soundscape than before. Karyn's Perry Ferrel-esque vocals make this track memorable.. don't get me wrong it doesn't all sound like Perry.. you still have that voice that could kick Max Cavalera's ass throughout the track..

POLITICS OF DOMINATION starts off with a twist.. the drum beat kinda reminded me of that 50s rockabilly punk sound that bands like ZOMBINA & THE SKELETONES and MISFITS use so much.. but don't let that fool you.. brutality never sounded so good.. a little hint of Manson/MSI coming through on the vocals here..

what seems to be their newest single BLOOD BURDEN is a great song but, not the best on the record.. don't get me wrong this one is awesome.. but don't judge the album by this track..Great video though.. download it at their site.

the very surprising and unexpected RATS IN A MAZE is beautiful. creepy, melodic, dark.

SECRETS OF THE PRISON HOUSE has a fucking awesome guitar riff dragging you in kicking and screaming. No one can escape.. no one can deny the true talent and originality of this band. Crisis should be allowed to direct her own Horror Film.. fuck House Of 1000 Corpses let's see PRISON HOUSE written and directed by KARYN CRISIS

CORPUS APOCALYPSE follows up Prison House with an equally awesome guitar riff.. Karyn breaks out even more of her strangely beautiful mutilated vocals

STUDY IN CANCER can we say SCIZO Karyn's vocals duel throughout this track like two starving jackals fighting over a bloody corpse
and though this may not be exactly what the song is about, it reminds me of how I was feeling when I was told I had cancer, luckily I was mis-diagnosed...

second to last we have EXIT CATACOMBS another dark melodic offering.. the creepiness of this band mixed with the pure violence is so potent.. you can't help but feel the disease.

and finishing off the record we have THE FATE
I know maybe I have said this too much in a CRISIS review but truly BEAUTIFUL that's all I'm going to say.. Buy the album to see what I mean..

Final thoughts on this record...?

Le talk about recent reviews of CRISIS records.. many dumb fucks have written bad reviews claiming things like.. "THE FEMALE VOCALS WERE BEAUTIFUL BUT OUT OF PLACE AND THE MALE VOCALS WERE WEAK" first off disregard any reviews like that. Other reviews have compared KARYN CRISIS and her style as the character REAGAN (Linda Blair from THE EXORCIST) in a death metal band.. this is a very accurate statement.. but I wanted to come up with something a bit more unique to myself and my opinion of CRISIS.. crisis is like BARBIE FROM HELL doing what ever female victim (I'm speaking of abuse be it rape, incest, verbal, sexual whatever) should do, and doing what every MALE death metal musician only dreams he could do! wait I didn't do a stereotypical comparison of Karyn's voice to a horror movie.. well she's been compared to THE EVIL DEAD & THE EXORCIST for sure.. how about the duel personalities of ALYDA WINTHROP from HP LOVE CRAFTS THE UNNAMABLE!
fuck all this just go buy the album or Karyn will swallow your soul!

*reviewed by the dead puppy*