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1. Something Of My Own
2. Killing My Dream
3. Ocean
4. Falling
5. Just Another Sunday
6. That's The Way It Goes
7. You Saved Yourself
8. Holy One
9. Gone
10. Taet Cher
11. On This Christmas Night

First I want to say... Who cares what kind of fancy producer she is working with or who is helping her out.. MARINA V stand alone as a truly unique and powerful artist.. it is my opinion she could set up a cassette recorder and just play her piano and sing, and It would be a groundbreaking work of art that no one could even compare to. No offense to Jack Douglas, but MARINA is the true talent here.

ok with that said, now on to the review!

the first and title track.. let's you know right away that MARINA is right up there with artists such as TORI AMOS, in fact she's probably the only female vocalist that can even compare to TORI. In many ways BETTER, this is only my opinion but, strip away the weird tripped out visualizations and symbolism's Tori is so fond of and make things a bit more easier to swallow and comprehend.. that's MARINA!

KILLING MY DREAM seems to be one of the most promoted tracks from this record, I'm not really sure why.
It's definitely a beautiful song but a bit more simplistic than the rest and just seems to lack something....
Maybe it's just more of a RADIO FRIENDLY POP type song and that would instantly knock it down on my list of favorites.. no offense once again to Marina but I would have rather seen tracks like HOLY ONE or JUST ANOTHER SUNDAY get the promotion this track has gotten.

Slowing things down to a more emotional level, we have the track OCEAN
Marina's voice is so pure and clear it's hard not to be pulled into what she's saying.

FALLING is next on the track list, my biggest complaint is that the drum machine gets in the way a bit for me. This is a technical opinion but I just feel it should have been lower in the mix.. it draws away from the core of the song.. MARINA's voice and piano.

JUST ANOTHER SUNDAY is one of my favorite tracks on this record!
starting off with an almost backwards sounding organ and lulling you into a dark droning sway, Marina truly knows how to use her voice and what she can do with it.. Truely Beautiful.

one of the more FUN tracks is THAT'S THE WAY IT GOES
I love this song, it is probably tied for favorite with ANOTHER SUNDAY and HOLY ONE
hints of RASPUTINA can be heard throughout this track...

another slower song.. she definitely has feeling and knows how to share this..

and my third tie for FIRST FAVORITE is
bringing a bit more EDGAR ALAN POE into the mix with a deep pulsing tone... very creepy yet so soothing and hypnotizing at the same time... If you weren't hooked yet this one will definitely mark you as a fan for life.

Is what I assume is actually the last track of the record EXCLUDING the two bonus tracks
this one seems to play a bit more like a CRANBERRIES tune than the others...

first bonus track TAET CHER is awesome... mainly because it's in Russian... I'm a big fan of bands such as RAMSTEIN who record their music entirely in their own language.. this proves she is just as talented in her native language as she is in ours..

and the second and last bonus track ON THIS CHRISTMAS NIGHT
with a little bit of ALLISON KRAUS and a lot of heart and soul this is a tear jerker than can make even the toughest guy feel sorry for her...this is one of the most beautiful tracks on the record...

Closing thoughts of MARINA

though it may be unintentional there is a definite dark gothic romantic feel threading it's way throughout every note and word.. This is pure and true.. this is what music like this should feel like..

TORI AMOS watch out I think we've found a replacement..
FIONA APPLE you're good but not this good!
Everyone else you don't even compare!

*review by the dead puppy*