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1. Vertigo
2. Falling To Pieces
3. Settle It Up
4. Intro
5. Headrush
6. Do You Feel
7. It Only Hurt
8. January Sun
9. Out To Win (featuring Henry Rollins)
10. The World Around You
11. Suffering
12. She (Deadend Girl)
13. Zero

I have reviewed SUPAFUZZ way more than anyone else.. how the hell do you think of things to say.. I mean this is one of the coolest ROCK bands out there.. would you call them COCK ROCK, FEEL GOOD ROCK or what.. who cares.. they are SUPAFUZZ

this might be a bit brief being that I've reviewed them so much but oh well get over it I'm drunk..

VERTIGO is a good start for this album.. I ask you can you really be drunk enough

second track FALLING TO PIECES
this is a great showcase for DAVE's ever so unique vocal style!

SETTLE IT UP is the third track.. I love the groovy guitar in this one.. hell every supafuzz song has a groovy guitar feel to it, this one reminds me of the band VERBENA

kinda has a tool feel to it... hell you can be feel good rock and kinda sound like Tool, fuck you if you don't think so! And of course it's the intro for HEADRUSH
I've heard the boys do this one live.. very SUPAFUZZ track if that makes sense.. hell if you like SUPAFUZZ this is the type shit you want to hear!

I love the first line "I'M FEELING SORRY FOR MYSELF OVER YOU!" damn who hasn't been there before!

let's skip up to JANUARY SUN (only skipping one song)
bringing back ALEAH X with her sweet ass vox.. good to hear her again.. honestly I'm not TOO big of a fan of DEVIL MAY CARE but I always love to hear her on SUPAFUZZ material!
no offense guys.. don't mean anything by it.. I just like the fuzz better!

ok I know that they advertised this as the centerpiece of the album OUT TO WIN featuring HENRY ROLLINS, but in my opinion it's one of my least fave tracks!
come on DAVE you don't need to get some famous guy to make you guys kick ass you guys kick ass on your own!!
this is a good track but not as good as the rest!
please don't beat me up MR ROLLINS!

THE WORLD AROUND YOU has a mean ass guitar riff.. :) my fave part of that song!

skip up to SHE (deadend girl) first thing I notice is the QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE-ESQUE bass guitar drenched with distortion.. pretty good upbeat supafuzz track!

one of my fave tracks ZERO finished off the CD!
I don't know why I like this so much I guess I just like to hear SUPAFUZZ on downers!

and there's a bonus track way after ZERO!
I'm fast forwarding up to it now to tell ya about it.... you know I love this job.. it's no problem to get drunk and work cause I know the boss!
wait a minute I am the boss haha!
ok I think maybe the SECRET track was just a waste of time to sit and listen or fast forward to more than once haha.. oh well..
I'll forgive them cause they are THE FUZZ, SUPAFUZZ!!

*reviewed by the dead puppy*