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1. I Am The Robot
2. Invalid
3. Future Was Free
4. Psychology Is B.S. (Not Science)
5. At The Seams
6. Living With Rene's Head
7. Fruit Of Knowledge
8. Hands
9. Negative One
10. Fall Back
11. Panic The Digital
12. The Subsequent Rating Given To The Life And Times Of Jack Valenti
13. The Way To Mars

Kicking off in the usual style the overactive tub ring carries us away with an ode to technology.. I AM THE ROBOT only to confuse the shit out of us with the very DANNY ELFMAN (you know the guy who scores all the TIM BURTON movies) INVALID!!.. One of their best sing along songs INVALID lets us know how much time and work went into this albu.. ok maybe it's really ROB on keyboard but the strings sound very reall. I know they're real on some tracks.. the science fiction continues on FUTURE WAS FREE very fast and hard to keep up with.. if you're singing along that is....
next we have one of two of the most BEAUTIFUL tub ring tracks I have ever heard.. PSYCHOLOGY IS B.S. Not Science.. these strings have to be reall dammit!!!
probably one of my favorite tracks on this record is AT THE SEEMS.. I'm not sure why I like this track so much.. It's completely different from everything else Tub Ring has done.. It's more like a track any other local band would pull off.. very radio friendly and strait forward rock.. not too complex.. but very fun to dance to and sing along with..
Here's a classic we're all used to.. LIVING WITH RENE'S HEAD... don't skip the track yet.. It doesn't sound quite the same as we're used to.. check it out.. lots of new stuff here...
The next song FRUIT OF KNOWLEDGE has a line that has gotten in my head and I sing that line over and over and confuse the shit out of everyone.. "where'd ya get that shirt and what'd you pay for it!"
got ADD do we.. check out HANDS!!! good god!!!!
back to the TIM BURTON/DANNY ELFMAN kick with NEGATIVE ONE set back and imagine yourself in an Opium Den and relax...........chase the dragon.... chase the dragon....
Pick up the pace again with FALL BACK.. is that bongos I hear? good job on the percussion..Great vocals also.. kinda BEACH BOYISH in spots!.
PANIC THE DIGITAL is another track we've heard before.. very good track.. here come the rats.. this track should have been in the new movie WILLARD!! which is actually a remake of the old movie WILLARD which was part 1 of BEN!!!
then the song with the really long title..crazy crazy crazy.. be careful the song might be over before you read the whole title.....
ok time to go to sleep I guess.. THE WAY TO MARS is really nice.. really sweet.. soft and gentle.. I love it.. and then whats this a secret track... yeah that's right.. ROB KLEINER's track RING AROUND THE ROSIES from SICK MUSIC FOR SICK CHILDREN is the secret track.. YAY!! DEAD PUPPY GOES SECRET TRACK!!!
go buy the cd..

*review by The Dead Puppy*